The Problem

When it comes to the heating and cooling of your buildings, space temperatures are difficult to control. Consider your building’s heating challenges.

Negative Pressure

When air is heated it rises upward inside the building through ducts, pipe shafts, elevator shafts and stairwells. As the heat rises it creates a
negative pressure that sucks in even more outdoor air, especially at the lower levels of the building.

Occupants Tendencies

Many occupants adjust their thermostats up or down to suit how they feel, with some preferring high thermostat settings.

ON / OFF Tendencies

Electric baseboard heaters are normally fully ON or fully OFF and their output does not match their heat loss.


The electric baseboard heaters in many of these buildings are usually oversized for the required heating load, since they have fixed increments
of capacity and must have equal or greater capacity than the required heat loss. This overcapacity problem becomes even worse when the outdoor temperature is NOT subfreezing, which is most of the heating season.

Open Windows

When an apartment is too warm the tenant’s usual reaction is to open a window. Cool air enters if the window is facing the wind, but air may only exit on the other exposures.

Overheating Surrounding Areas

Many of these same reasons apply to gas heating as well, even where each unit has its own furnace, an adjacent overheated space also overheats the surrounding spaces.


Many interior walls and floors of apartment units are not insulated, so that Open windows on all but the lowest floors encourage even more heated air to rise in the building, drawing in even more outdoor air at the lower levels.

The Solution

Stack’s Intelligent Energy System!
The smartest thing you can do for you heating & cooling budget.

The only Energy Control System on the planet that delivers a 20 percent decrease on your heating and cooling costs each and every month. Saving you thousands of dollars in the process! Here's how it works...

Lower Impact

on the environment

Control Energy Use

STACK’S Intelligent System is designed to control energy use for heating and cooling multi-unit residential buildings.

Full Control and Monitoring

The system enables remote monitoring and control of temperature as well as reduction of peak demand through a temperature-based duty-cycling algorithm developed specifically for the application.


temperature in each residential unit according to profile

Central Digital Control

The heart of our TECHNOLOGY is a central digital control system providing temperature control and monitoring. The system is fully configurable and allows the management to set the desired temperature range in each apartment unit and control the amount of heat allocated to each unit individually. The management can also configure different night temperature if the city or local municipality bylaw allows night setback.

Reduce Irresponsible Heating

STACK’S Intelligent Energy System greatly reduces the irresponsible heat usage, when in-unit thermostats are often set to the highest temperature settings and open windows control perceived overheating. The system is Guaranteed to reduce your heating and cooling costs by 20 % in buildings with either electric or gas heating and air conditioning.

Optimize & Reduce

cost of Time-Of-Use pricing periods

Changing Tenant Perceptions

Our Intelligent Technology does NOT solely rely on thermostats located in apartment units. This simply means that if the tenants choose to keep windows or balcony doors open they will have to accept a lower space temperature no matter how they set their thermostats. If they want to stay comfortable, they have to be concerned about reducing the loss of heat through open balcony doors or windows. Adjacent units will still be maintained at more comfortable temperatures.

TOU Pricing

Additional reduction of expenses by optimizing heating for Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing.


day and night temperature variations

Programmable Logic

Our System is based on an industrial grade programmable logic controller (computer). The controller governs a series of solid-state relays capable of millions of cycles of operation. Those relays control apartment electric baseboard heaters or boilers duty cycle,pumps output, and flow control valves in case of gas heating.

Heating by Algorithms

A proprietary algorithm controls heat allocation using data gained by an outdoor temperature sensor, wind speed and direction sensor, humidity sensor and multiple interior temperature sensors. The chill factor is measured via the ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor for controlling the heat distribution in the building.

STACK’S Intelligent Energy System has a special algorithm for high-rise buildings with heat inertia. The optimization incorporates the thermal properties of building walls and floors to preserve heat after outdoor temperature drops as well as the opposite effect when it takes longer to warm up the building although the outdoor temperature rises.


heat distribution due to wind and sun affects

Location is Key

Windward facing apartments receive more heat to maintain comfortable temperature level. Downwind facing apartments can maintain a comfortable temperature level with less heat due to the heat transfer through the building. The humidity sensor provides additional control of the heat allocation.


temperature fluctuation

More Sensors

Additional temperature sensors inside a building allow the system to automatically make necessary adjustments to the heat level as needed.

Secure Controls

The system is configurable by the management and access to the Control Panel is password protected.

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